Petgaz that has a brand history dating back to early 1990s and long years of experience in LPG industry operates successfully in Turkey in Wholesale segment.

As Petgaz, we carry out all our activities in line with principles differentiating our brand such as ethical values, relations based on honesty, equal and respectful behavior for everyone, mutual benefit creation and contribution to progress of mankind. We aim to perform our works in accordance with safety and environment principles without giving any damage to the people and environment and causing any accident.

1990 Petgaz based on brand history, has been one of the important and leading player in the LPG sector in Turkey. Turkey have the largest storage capacity Dörtyol embodying the LPG Terminal Petgaz; continues its activities in the fields of LPG import, export, storage and wholesale. Petgaz is an LPG supplier preferred by its customers with the importance it attaches to product supply security and superior service quality.
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