Petgaz focuses on fairness in Human Resources activities taking respect as a basis. Protection of privacy is the basis of all applications. Petgaz, giving importance to customers as well as internal-customers, has a transparent and available management system always in contact with employees. One of the performance objectives of Petgaz is satisfaction of its employees.


We support realization of our company strategies with our human resources policies and practices. We carry out improvement and development works to improve individual and team performance. We work hard to maintain the communication in the company strong and continuous.


Respect for Human: As Petgaz, we ground on respect for human.
Customer Orientation: Customer satisfaction is of high importance for us.
Being Scientific: All our works and researches depend on scientific data.
Fairness: It is the most important feature of all our activities.
Feedback: All applications to Petgaz are replied as soon as possible.
Quality: Our quality approach encourages us to aim for the best.
Privacy: Protection of privacy is the basis of all applications.

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