Job Security

Health, security, environment (HES) responsibilities are prior subjects for Petgaz. HES policy, one of our work principles, aims at carrying out operations without accidents and harm to human and environment. All employees working for Petgaz are responsible to implement HES principles appropriately.

The company took important steps in becoming the leader of the industry with TS (Turkish Standards), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (Integrated Management System) quality certificates obtained by Petgaz products.

Petgaz considers safety as the most important issue. It is among Petgaz's business principles to take utmost safety precautions against any problem that might be experienced in business process. For example, all Petgaz employees working in Petgaz plants wear special garments which delay burning. Although such garments are very expensive, it was turned into a standard in consideration of safety principles at Petgaz.

Due to significance of "Human" factor and safety rules in service industry, training of each employee at every level has vital importance. Petgaz provides the following trainings to both its employees, Operators and Service employees;

• LPG Product Safety Information,
• Preparation for Emergencies,
• Petgaz HES-S Policies,
• Fighting Against Driver Fatigue,
• Fundamental First Aid Information in Emergencies related to LPG,
• Product and Service quality.

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