Wholesale LPG

1990 Petgaz based on brand history, has been one of the important and leading player in the LPG sector in Turkey. Turkey have the largest storage capacity Dörtyol embodying the LPG Terminal Petgaz; continues its activities in the fields of LPG import, export, storage and wholesale. Petgaz is an LPG supplier preferred by its customers with the importance it attaches to product supply security and superior service quality.

Petgaz Wholesale unit have utmost sensitivity with respect to HES-S (Health, Safety, Environment-Security).

Our sensitivity is reflected on our business partners as well and taken as an example in the industry. We are proud of the fact that many of our business partners went into the effort of raising HES-S standards and we contributed to their efforts of raising the standard by playing a pioneering role in this regard in the industry.

Relations With Business Partners

Our priority in Wholesale is to carry out LPG supply of all our business partners on time, without any problem and in a safe manner in the scope of a commercial relation based on mutual trust and respect. We take actions from a customer-oriented perspective in all our efforts and develop a permanent, healthy commercial relation which is profitable for both parties by conducting regular surveys every year. Petgaz will be one of the most important players in the industry next year in the field of Wholesale and continue its determinant, pioneering and guiding activities.

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